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When You Talk Do People Listen?

In the 1970’s the brokerage house EF Hutton ran an ad campaign with the tag line: “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” It implied that people were eager to hear what EF Hutton said because it mattered to their financial well being.

When candidates or politicians talk, does anybody listen? They love to hear themselves talk.  Sadly, they are often the only ones listening to themselves because what they have to say is either trite, trivial, or tortured.  When you run for office, how will it be different for you?

Here are three ways that you can get people to listen. What you say, how you say it, and when you say it, are critical components of getting people to listen.

What You Say – A candidate needs to know what he or she is talking about. This includes a grasp of the topic, the Constitutional or governance principles underlying it, and how to apply it to the audience’s lives. That takes education.

How You Say It – A candidate needs to have an organized delivery that is concise and logical. I am fond of saying that ‘less is more’ in political speeches. Give your audience time to process as you speak and make it understandable. That takes practice and experience.

When You Say It – Not every question or statement demands an answer or rebuttal immediately.  Be patient, listen carefully and attentively, and choose your timing wisely. A short carefully crafted answer or statement spoken at the right moment can have more influence by a factor of 10 than a 30 minute rambling diatribe delivered from a soap box. This takes experience and wisdom.

Do you aspire to be listened to? It starts with education, bolstered by practice, and polished by experience. Begin that journey today so that in the future, when you talk, people will listen.

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