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The Power of Learning from a Professional

Recently Revolutionary Persuasion attended two events. We had the opportunity to hear national and local speakers who inspired, informed, and challenged us. Once again I realized the importance of learning by example, specifically learning from a professional. Someone who has a highly-developed skill is worth studying, particularly when it comes to articulate speakers.

We heard some top  notch speakers whose names I want to mention. These are speakers that I would place in the top 10% of speakers heard in my lifetime: Arthur Brooks from the American Enterprise Institute, Dennis Linthicum from Dirt Road Economist, and Todd Starnes, conservative columnist and commentator for radio and television. Each of these speakers were compelling in their own right. Their messages had clarity of content, clean organization, and a theme that was woven through the speech from the introduction to the conclusion.

The challenge as a listener is not to get caught up in the content to the exclusion of being analytical about what makes the speech great. Being a student of excellent speakers is a great teaching tool. Observing a poor speaker is also a teaching tool. Analyze the delivery to determine ‘why’ it is poor and what could be changed to make it better. Therefore, hearing any speaker can be a learning situation for anyone aspiring to improve the craft. However, hearing a great speaker is always the better option. The ‘entire package’ becomes our teacher.

What speakers have helped you further develop your speaking skills?

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