Running for Office, Running an Organization, or just Running from Speaking? Our business is to help you stand & deliver with truth & passion!


“I have worked for several years with Ann and her husband Le. I have seen the patient and artful way they have worked with their clients while helping them to improve their speaking and presentation skills. I have brought several of my own clients to Ann and Le for their speech coaching. I can attest that, after receiving coaching, the speaking and presentation skills of my clients were dramatically improved.

I have also incorporated some of their training offerings into annual training conferences I hold under the auspices of Western Liberty Network. Their training programs are always of the highest quality, and evaluation forms from attendees frequently ask for more.

I heartily recommend Ann and Le Snelling to anyone wanting to improve their speaking and presentation skills.”

-Richard Burke, Executive Director, Western Liberty Network

Le and Ann Snelling of Revolutionary Persuasion graciously offered to host a seminar for our summer interns on public speaking and media presentation.  Specifically, they were coached in the finer points of making a good impression, articulating a coherent message, and speaking in a positive, persuasive manner.  Our interns were impressed with the Snellings’ depth of knowledge regarding public presentations and all agreed that their tips and suggestions were very helpful.  We highly recommend Revolutionary Persuasion if you are looking for a coach to help you raise your game in the public arena.

-Tina Pisenti
Cascade Policy Institute


Ann and Le Snelling will help improve and enhance all your communication needs.  Their experience, energy and eloquence will transform you and deliver you to the next level of  revolutionary persuasion! 

-Gary Schmidt
Former congressional aide to Senators Hatfield and Smith
Past International President, Toastmasters International


Le and Ann are great coaches with a wonderful mix of seriousness and humor.  They helped me to relax,   smile, and enjoy public speaking. Their preparation for answering editorial board and town hall  questions was beyond my expectations. Le helped me reframe the questions into positive answers that  avoided the typical ‘gotcha’ situations while reinforcing my platform.  I learned valuable insights from  Ann’s eye for the details of delivery.  She reminded me to smile even if I was shaking on the inside.

I would recommend them for their depth of knowledge in speech preparation, delivery, and debate.

-Representative Gail Whitsett
Oregon House District 56 – Klamath & Lake Counties


Le and Ann Snelling are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. They can coach you. They can train you. They can make you a stronger speaker. I recommend Le & Ann from Revolutionary Persuasion for any speaking and coaching needs you have.

-Ryan Avery 
Toastmasters 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking


One of the most fascinating presentations the Snellings offer is the Power of Engagement.  In my opinion, etiquette and social protocol is something that is often overlooked, but critical in social interaction and communication with others. Through effective role playing in the Power of Engagement, Ann and Le are able to break down the walls we put up as individuals and as a society, which then enables us to approach others in appropriate and productive ways.  Whether you are attending an event, business meeting, or other function that brings people together, this presentation gives you something practical and functional to put to use…immediately.

Suezy Proctor
 Author, Marching Orders for the Military Sales Professional
Past International Director, Toastmasters International