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4 Instructive Tips for Effective Communication

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Jim Rohn, styled as America’s business philosopher, has long been a person who has had great impact on my life. He is down to earth yet profound in what he has to say. This post is an article from Jim Rohn, reprinted with permission and without editing from www.Success.com. “Effective communication is a critical component (Read More…)

The Power of Learning from a Professional

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Recently Revolutionary Persuasion attended two events. We had the opportunity to hear national and local speakers who inspired, informed, and challenged us. Once again I realized the importance of learning by example, specifically learning from a professional. Someone who has a highly-developed skill is worth studying, particularly when it comes to articulate speakers. We heard some top (Read More…)

When You Talk Do People Listen?

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In the 1970’s the brokerage house EF Hutton ran an ad campaign with the tag line: “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” It implied that people were eager to hear what EF Hutton said because it mattered to their financial well being. When candidates or politicians talk, does anybody listen? They love to hear themselves (Read More…)

Truth and Passion

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The motto of Revolutionary Persuasion is Truth & Passion.  It derives from Patrick Henry who is one of my American Revolutionary heroes.  Henry argued passionately against ratification of the Constitution in the Virginia assembly because it did not contain a Bill of Rights.  This was a document that he had argued for, fought for, and (Read More…)


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A Road Map

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Have you ever taken a road trip and gone where ever the road leads? That might be an action for a Sunday afternoon drive but typically it is not intentionally part of a longer trip with a destination. When we travel by car, we leave with a clear idea of which direction to go, the (Read More…)


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