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A Road Map

Have you ever taken a road trip and gone where ever the road leads? That might be an action for a Sunday afternoon drive but typically it is not intentionally part of a longer trip with a destination. When we travel by car, we leave with a clear idea of which direction to go, the address of our destination, and a phone contact number. Two things happen. 1) We get to our destination in a timely manner. 2) We know when we have arrived.


The concept of a well-planned road trip also applies to speech preparation. As speakers, we must know at the outset of our speech writing and development where we are headed. What is the  general purpose of my speech?

Do I want my audience to be:





The answer to this question is a critical component of the speech development process. Know where you are going. Know how you want the audience to respond.

Once the general purpose is clear, determine the specific purpose of your speech. That will be discussed next.In the meantime, keep speaking with truth and passion.

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